NBA 2K25 PC on Next-Gen / New-Gen Confirmed

It’s been confirmed – NBA 2K25 on PC is finally upgrading to the new-gen / next-gen version of the game. Read on for the full details!

NBA 2K25 on PC be Next-Gen / New-Gen?

NBA 2K25 marks the year / version that PC will finally get new-gen for the game. This means upgraded graphics and complete access to all new-gen features, including in MyCAREER, MyTEAM, Play Now, ProPLAY, The City, MyNBA Eras, and The W.

Will NBA 2K25 on PC be Crossplay?

PC will not have crossplay like its counterparts on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The likely reason is that NBA 2K on PC has always been plagued by cheaters. Most gamers and competitors expect a level playing field, so 2K likely didn’t want the over-the-top cheating to bleed into console, although it saw its own issues with Cronus Zen cheaters.

Steam Deck Optimization:

It’s also been announced that NBA 2K25 has been optimized for the Steam Deck. You’ll need a Steam account with NBA 2K25 entitlement to play on Steam Deck.

System Requirements:

Check out the system requirements for NBA 2K25 on PC, here.

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