NBA 2K24 Tips: How to Win a Jump Ball & Tipoff

Here’s the full tutorial on how to win a jump ball in NBA 2K24.

What is a Jump Ball?

In NBA 2K24 and basketball, a jump ball occurs when the ref throws the ball up in the air between two opponents – most commonly for the tip-off to start a game, or when two players have mutual possession of the ball.

When is a Jump Ball Used?

Here’s all the different ways a jump ball is used in basketball, according to the Official NBA Rulebook.

  1. The ball shall be put into play in the center circle by a jump ball between any two opponents:
    1. At the start of the game
    2. At the start of each overtime period
    3. A double free throw violation
    4. Double foul during a loose ball
    5. The ball becomes dead when neither team is in control and no field goal or infraction is involved
    6. The ball comes to rest on the basket flange or becomes lodged between the basket ring and the backboard
    7. A double foul which occurs as a result of a difference in opinion between officials
    8. A suspension of play occurs during a loose ball
    9. A fighting foul occurs during a loose ball
    10. The officials are in doubt as to which team last touched the ball before going out of bounds and the players cannot be identified
  2. In all cases above, the jump ball shall be between any two opponents in the game at that time. If injury, ejection or disqualification makes it necessary for any player to be replaced, his substitute may not participate in the jump ball.

How to Win a Jump Ball in NBA 2K24

First off, the controls to jump for a jump ball is Y for Xbox, and Triangle for PlayStation. Then, it just comes down to timing. Instead of spamming the Y or Triangle button, it’s best to time the tap of the button to right after the ref releases the ball.

Should You Try to Win the Opening Tip-Off ?

After learning the “how”, then you should ask yourself the “why.” If you win the opening tip-off, it means you’ll get possession of the ball at the start of the game and in the 4th quarter, but not at the start of the 2nd and 3rd quarter. So, depending on your strategy, you may want to intentionally lose the opening tip-off so that you can get the ball first in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, which may be more pivotal in trying to build a lead.

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