NBA 2K24 Tips: How to Rebound Better (Ultimate Guide)

Rebounding, in both real basketball and NBA 2K24, is all about positioning, anticipation, timing, and tenacity. Here are several common sense tips in chronological order for 2K vets and beginners alike to own the glass in NBA 2K24.

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Learn the Basic Controls to Rebounding

Learning the basic controls of rebounding is step #1 to becoming a GOAT rebounder. Here they are below:

  • Move Player: LS / LS
  • Rebound: Y / Triangle
  • Boxout: LT / L2
  • Putback: Hold X / Square (when attempting an offensive rebound)

Use 2K Camera Angle

Every camera angle has its distinct pros and cons, and 2K Cam is the best for seeing the trajectory of the ball and vision of the different angles for rebounding. Use the default 2K Cam settings for best vision of the ball.

Create or Choose Player w/High Rebounding Badges, Attributes, Height & Wingspan

Equip rebounding badges: Rebound Chaser, Boxout Beast, and Workhorse. Increase rebounding attributes: Offensive Rebound, Defensive Rebound (80 minimum), Strength, and Vertical. Increase physical attributes: height and wingspan.

Gain Inside Position + Box Out

The best way to be in the best position to get the board is to box out by getting between the opponent and the hoop and pressing LT / L2.  Better yet, it makes even more basketball sense to specifically target the opponent’s best rebounder to box out. Chances are, it will be a big man snagging most of the boards, so focusing on them instead of shorter players will pay off. Good rebounders shouldn’t only rely on size and jumping ability, but on seeing situational opportunities to gain inside position, constantly playing the angles and fighting for position. Also, use the Boxout Beast Badge for boosts to box outs.

Be Tenacious 

Even if you don’t get the rebound some times, being tenacious will mean the opponent will always have to worry about your player on the offensive and defensive glass. Be relentless and tenacious in looking for opportunities to grab the rebound, but at the same time, defer to a teammate if they are in better position. At the end of the day, you have to want the ball more than the opponent.

There you have it! Be sure to put these tips into practice to help you own the glass in NBA 2K24!

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