NBA 2K24 Tips: How to Play All-Star Teamup Mode

Hidden in the depths of the NBA 2K24 menus is a little gem traditionally known as “All-Star Team-up”. In this mode, you can take a break from MyCAREER and run 5v5 online multiplayer games using NBA stars with 9 other real players. Here’s how to to access teamup mode in 2K24:

  1. Select “Play Now”
  2. Click on “Play Now Online”
  3. Press “Play” and Choose a Tier
  4. From here chose “Player Control” that will queue up for the next game with other hoopers
  5. Once it fills up to 10 players, you’ll go to a player selection screen where you can select your NBA player
  6. The game will automatically start after a timed countdown
  7. That’s it

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