NBA 2K24 Tips: How to Flop

Flopping was introduced into the NBA 2K series way back in NBA 2K13 and quickly became a staple of the “Crew” and multiplayer community. Some players may interpret flopping in different ways, but the most common reasons why players flop online are when a teammate or they themself make a boneheaded play, or after something funny or unusual happens during the game.

How to Buy, Equip, & Perform Flops in NBA 2K24

  • To buy specific flop animations, go to MyPLAYER > Animations > Animations Store > In-Game Celebrations > Park Flops
  • To equip the animation(s), go to MyPLAYER > Animations > In-Game Celebrations > Park Flop and equip the specific flop animation(s) you bought
  • To flop in-game, double tap B (Xbox) / Circle (PlayStation)

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