NBA 2K24 Tips: How to do the Jordan Free Throw Line Dunk

Here’s a tutorial for pulling off the iconic Michael Jordan free throw line dunk in NBA 2K24. Most of us have probably seen some fellow 2K ballers do this sick dunk while in a Park or Rec game or two. And with a couple minutes of practice, you’ll be doing this dunk whenever you want in-game as well.

  1. First, go to ‘Animations’ in MyCAREER to purchase and equip the Michael Jordan signature dunk package as your go-to dunk package. For more frequency of MJ dunks, disable any other purchased dunks or signature dunk packages.
  2. To practice the dunk, you can go to Gatorade Gym or an empty court
  3. To perform the dunk:
    1. Start from the top of the key / 3 PT line
    2. Once there, press RT (R2 on Playstation) to turbo and then Press X (Square on PlayStation) when directly at the free throw line while holding the Left Stick straight towards the hoop. Pay attention to your take-off foot so that the last step before jumping is directly by the FT line.
  4. Keep practicing until you got it down and enjoy your new dunk!

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