NBA 2K24 Tips: How to do Player Celebrations

Who doesn’t like a good player celebration? From Stephen Curry’s “night night” to MJ’s “shrug“, to Kobe’s “fist pump“, celebrations are a big part of the NBA and basketball. NBA 2K24 captures this in-game, letting MyPLAYERS equip their own player celebrations.

How to Buy, Equip, & Perform Player Celebrations

  1. To buy celebrations, Go to MyPLAYER > Animations > Animations Store > In-Game Celebrations. Then choose which celebration to buy (e.g. “NBA & Pro-Am After Two”).
  2. To equip the celebration, go to MyPLAYER > Animations > In-Game Celebrations and equip the specific animation(s) you bought
  3. To celebrate in-game, press the D-Pad buttons (up, down, etc.) after a shot or while standing

Note: Celebrations after a jumpshot or dunk are done automatically (after purchasing and equipping them in the animations store).

Tip: New player celebrations unlock after the start of every NBA 2K24 season.

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