NBA 2K24 Tips: How to Crossplay & Invite Friends

If you’ve been wondering how to invite your friends from another console to run with you in NBA 2K24, look no further. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to sync up with your friends with crossplay!

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NBA 2K24 How to Add Friends for Crossplay

  1. When in a game mode, press LB/L1 and RB/R1 at the same time to pull up the social menu
  2. Make sure your In-Game Invites and Friend Requests are set to “Open to All” (under ‘Options’)
  3. Scroll to the ‘Friends’ icon
  4. In ‘Add 2K Friend’, enter your cross-platform friend’s gamertag
  5. If entered correctly, this will display your friend from another console under “NBA 2K Friends”
  6. Click on their name and you’ll be able to invite your friends to where you’re at in the game

* It may take several seconds for the search to return a result
* PlayStation users may have to make sure crossplay is enabled in settings

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