NBA 2K24 Patch #3 Notes: Reduces Ghost Contests, Increases Dunk Meter Size, More (Next-Gen)

NBA 2K24 Patch 1.03 has been released today for new-gen (PS5, Xbox Series X). The patch addresses stability issues, “ghost contests”, dunk meter size, and more. Check out this update’s NBA 2K24 Patch Notes below.

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NBA 2K24 New-Gen Patch 1.03 Notes

Here are the details for the upcoming NBA 2K24 patch update for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S. Note: This update will be released soon, but is not available yet at the time of this post. @2K24 Notifs @NBA 2K Notifs @PS5 @XBS X|S

Developer Note: We are continuing to work towards resolving the most user-impacting issues being reported. The team is currently working on an all-encompassing patch that will be releasing in early-mid October. That patch will contain fixes and improvements spanning the entire game, including a number of community-reported items that required a longer internal testing runway.


  • Tightened up perimeter defensive coverage checks to reduce “ghost contests”
  • Increased the make window size of open meter dunks


  • A number of fixes to overall game stability while in the City have been made to improve user experience
  • Resolved an issue at the end of Rec games that would send the user to the game’s main menu following a black screen
  • Functionality and stability improvements have been made to the Social Menu as we work to provide a more seamless experience


  • The RISE-specific Heat Check Booster has been adjusted to activate after 3 made shots in a row rather than 5
  • Fixed a user-reported issue that caused an indefinite hang when attempting to load a


  • Resolved a rare issue preventing rewards from being received upon the completion of some quests, including Rebirth and certain Badge Perks
  • Closed a loophole that could cause issues getting through the offseason when attending practice after the final game of the NBA season
  • Made some adjustments to ensure that Flashback games can be played at any time during the NBA season

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