NBA 2K24 Has Sold Over 9 Million Copies; 2 Million Daily Users

In a recent financial earnings call from Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (2K Sports’ parent company), NBA 2K24’s to-date performance has been revealed. Sales to date are over 9 million units sold and nearly 2 million daily users.

NBA 2K24 Sales Numbers:

We’ve summarized the key points made by Take Two:

  • NBA 2K24, which remains the #1 basketball simulation experience in our industry
  • Surpassed 2K’s expectations, as players responded to promotions, in-game
    content strategy, and updates within Seasons.
  • To-date, NBA 2K24 has sold-in over 9 million units
  • Engagement remains high, with nearly 2 million consumers playing daily
  • NBA 2K brand also continued to expand its audience through several innovative mobile experiences, including NBA 2K24 MyTEAM – the new free-to-download mobile experience that allows players to sync progress between console and mobile devices as they play their favorite MyTEAM modes on the go, NBA 2K Mobile, and NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, which is consistently in the Top 5 on Apple Arcade.
  • Total Net Bookings* decreased 3% to $1.35 billion, as compared to $1.39 billion during last year’s fiscal fourth quarter. Net Bookings from recurrent consumer spending** decreased 2% and accounted for 79% of total Net Bookings. The largest contributors to Net Bookings were NBA 2K24

* Net Bookings is 2K’s operational metric and defined as the net amount of products and services sold digitally or sold-in physically during the period, and includes licensing fees, merchandise, in-game advertising, strategy guides and publisher incentives.

** Recurrent consumer spending is generated from ongoing consumer engagement and includes virtual currency, add-on content, in-game purchases and ingame advertising.

You can find the full transcript of the Take Two earnings call here.

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