NBA 2K24 2K Logo Program Explained, How to Get a Logo, & List of Logo Recipients

What is an NBA 2K Logo?

The NBA 2K Logo Program is a community program that 2K set up which essentially endorses, verifies, and rewards NBA 2K content creators and influencers for their contributions to the game overall as a content creator. The Logo Program is 2K’s “acknowledgment that (players) are doing great work”, according to 2K’s own Ronnie Singh a.k.a. Ronnie 2K.

Players who are chosen are able to have their gamertag and character within the game equipped with a visible 2K logo above their head in environments like The City and next to their gamertag during in-game displays.

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How to Get a 2K Logo?

According to 2K, many of these qualities for content creation contribute to getting a logo:

  • Uniqueness
  • Positivity
  • Constructiveness
  • Helping your community member
  • Moving the community forward

Also, the numbers – such as subscribers and views – aren’t the only variable in selecting a logo recipient.

Logo Gauntlet in NBA 2K24

An additional way to get a 2K Logo is to play in the “Logo Gauntlet”. After filling out an interest form, you may be invited to compete for a 2K Logo in a “king of the hill” style competition. In this event, competitors will need to earn 5 consecutive wins to earn the grand prize of a 2K Logo, 1 Max Potential MyPLAYER build, 1 MyTEAM Player card, and 500,000 VC.

What Goes Into the Logo Selection Process?

  • The NBA 2K influencer and community teams spend time watching NBA 2K streams and content.
  • 2K then talks and collaborates with the NBA 2K Community to see who can vouch for these potential logo candidates.
  • 2K checks with the candidate’s account with customer support to determine if they have a clean 2K gaming history (i.e. no exploiting, etc.)
  • 2K checks with the candidate’s account statistics to make sure they’re playing and streaming on a regular basis.
  • Every season there’s a “2K Logo Show” where 2K announces the newest logo recipients

NBA 2K24 Season 1 Logo Recipients

  • 2KMT
  • Aircriss
  • AlperBicen
  • AshBeGaming
  • Aziaa
  • Bashworld
  • ChicoFilo
  • Dekarldent
  • GamerKeasy
  • ItsSunpi
  • Killzamoi
  • LeleGenkai
  • MaxxSportz
  • Mr Jafar Smith
  • NatePTK
  • RDCHNGaming
  • Sergiiram
  • Shakedown2012
  • Tamaa
  • TheHoopGenius
  • Tiller2x
  • Uncle Demi
  • Vicelli25
  • Zico

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