NBA 2K23 Tips: How to Shoot a Bank Shot

A bank shot in basketball is a shot that ricochets off the backboard before going into the basket. NBA 2K23 gives users the ability to intentionally shoot a bank shot in-game with specific controls. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to shoot a bank shot in NBA 2K23!

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How to Shoot a Bank Shot in NBA 2K23

Note: The bank shot in NBA 2K23 is location-dependent. Baseline, 3-point, and straight-on attempts will not trigger a bank shot.

  1. Position your player in the mid-range area at about a 45-degree angle from the hoop (or anywhere on the court where it’s not on the baseline, 3 PT, or a completely straight-on shot).
  2. Once there, hold the Right Stick Up and then release at the peak of the shot to do a regular bank shot. You can also hold RT / R2 + Right Stick Up to do a step forward + bank shot.

That’s it!

NBA 2K23 Bank Shot Tips

  • It’s helpful to practice in 2KU to get the hang of the locations and timing the shot
  • You can visually and audibly confirm it’s a bank shot by paying attention to the backboard after the shot
  • Increase the Mid-Range Attribute and equip the Middy Magician Badge for better success rate

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