NBA 2K23 Tips: How to Icon Pass

Icon passing is a must-have for any serious or competitive NBA 2K baller to break down an over-aggressive defense and to pinpoint who you want to pass to. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to icon pass in NBA 2K23!

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How to Icon Pass in NBA 2K23

  • Press RB (Xbox) / R1 (PlayStation) then press the button of the desired receiver
  • Use Left Stick to lead the receiver in any direction

For Xbox:

  • RB + A = Point Guard
  • RB + B = Shooting Guard
  • RB + X = Small Forward
  • RB + Y = Power Forward
  • RB + LT = Center

For Playstation:

  • R1 + X = Point Guard
  • R1 + O = Shooting Guard
  • R1 + Square = Small Forward
  • R1 + Triangle = Power Forward
  • R1 + L1 = Center

How to Change Icon Pass Settings in NBA 2K23

  1. First go to Controller Settings
  2. Then go to Icon Passing
  3. Here you can choose between Icon Passing control schemes with the options of Default, Full Receiver Control, and Pass Type Control.

Attributes to Increase Pass Success Rate

  • Pass Accuracy

Best Badges for Passing

  • Dimer Badge
  • Needle Threader Badge
  • Special Delivery Badge

NBA 2K23 Icon Pass Gameplay Tips

  • Pass to the open man who’s in position to score
  • Move the ball to increase team chemistry
  • Avoid passes in heavy traffic
  • Target weak / low awareness defenders and be aware of defenders who are overplaying the passing lanes.
  • Utilize pass fakes

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