NBA 2K23 Tips: How to Do a Drop Step

The drop step is a useful tool in the bag for any post player looking to get easy buckets under the hoop in NBA 2K23. Here’s a quick tutorial for how to do the drop step move in NBA 2K23, including the controls, attributes, tips, and more!

How to Do a Drop Step in NBA 2K23

  1. While in the paint, first hold LT (Xbox) / L2 (PlayStation) to initiate the back to the basket animation
  2. Then tap X (Xbox) / Square (PlayStation) while holding LS towards the hoop

Attributes to Increase Drop Step & Finish Success Rate

  • Post Control
  • Close Shot
  • Standing Dunk
  • Strength

Best Badges to Increase Drop Step & Finish Success Rate

  • Dropstepper Badge
  • Backdown Punisher Badge
  • Bully Badge
  • Masher Badge
  • Rise Up Badge

Best Builds to Use to do Drop Step

Any build type can attempt a drop step, but Paint Beast type of builds are the best to use to pull this move off, i.e. players like Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Joel Embiid.

NBA 2K23 Drop Step Gameplay Tips

  • Establish deep post position beforehand
  • If the drop step animation isn’t triggering, try getting closer to the hoop
  • Near the paint and towards the baseline is one of the best spots on the court to attempt a drop step
  • Read how the defender(s) is playing you and look for open space to drop step towards
  • Be ready to finish at the rim or pump fake after attempting a drop step, depending on how the defense reacts
  • Mix up your post moves to keep the defense guessing
  • Take advantage of mismatches in the post with this move, especially if the defender is undersized and/or weak on defense

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