NBA 2K23 Tips: How to Become a Starter in MyCAREER

credit: AlmightyDen

Becoming a starter for your MyCAREER team in NBA 2K23 is a straight-forward process of completing Quests, but will take some time to get through, i.e. skipping through cutscenes, playing in NBA games putting up stats, and traveling back and forth between key locations in The City. Once a starter, it becomes easier and faster to grind your MyPLAYER, earn badges, etc.

The way how to become a starter in NBA 2K23 is to complete the ‘Welcome to the League’ Quest (which contains two Quests within it – ‘Handle Your Business’ and “Control the Narrative’). Below, we outline all the steps in these Quests to go through in order to earn a spot in the starting lineup. Also one of the cool rewards of completing the “‘Welcome to League’ Quest is you get a +4 Badge Points upgrade towards any badge category for your MyPLAYER.

NBA 2K23 How to Become a Starter in MyCAREER

Main > NBA


This is it. Your rookie season. Establish yourself as a starter to get the press and the fans off your back.


  • Talk to the team about how to start the season right
  • Head to the front office building
  • Meet with VP of Brand and Marketing Freddie Novak
  • Go to the arena to play your first NBA game
  • Meet Ricky in the tunnel for a tour of the arena
  • Speak to Coach Graves about your place in the rotation
  • Head to the court to play your first NBA game!
  • Talk to Ashley about media availability
  • Head to the press room to do your first press conference
  • Head back to One City Plaza to talk to Ricky
  • Head to the front office building
  • Meet with General Manager Othella Akpem
  • Head back to the office to talk things over with Ricky
  • Complete ‘Handle Your Business’
  • Complete ‘Control the Narrative’
  • Head to the front office building
  • Coach Graves has some news for you. Stop by his office to find out what it is.
  • You’re wanted in the locker room. Go find Coach Graves.
  • Go play your first game as a starter

Main > NBA


Complete the game goals from Coach Graves to prove you belong in the starting lineup.


  • 5 – Games Played (NBA)
  • 60 – Points + Assists + Rebounds + Blocks + Steals (NBA)

Main > NBA


Steer the narrative of your rookie season in a positive direction trough savvy control of the media.


  • Ashley’s here. See what she has to say
  • Return to the office to prep for your Top Takes Daily interview
  • Head to the Top Takes Daily studio
  • (Play NBA game)
  • Head to the arena and play your next game
  • Get back to One City Plaza to see what the team has come up with
  • Head to the corner store to meet LozoTheCrown
  • Go back to your office to talk about your meeting with LozoTheCrown
  • 1 – Games Won (NBA)
  • 1 – Highlight Plays (NBA)
  • Talk to Ashley to figure out what you should post on social
  • Head to corner store and talk to LozoTheCrown
  • Find Ricky in the tunnel. There’s someone you have to meet…
  • 2 – Leadership Skills Activated (NBA)
  • (Play NBA game)
  • Watch the Top Takes Daily clip Ricky sent you
  • Othella wants to talk to you. Find him in the tunnel
  • You’re wanted in the press room. Better head over there
  • (Play NBA game)
  • Jake Duvall’s here. Find him in the tunnel
  • Head to the front office building
  • GM Othella Akpem wants to have a word with you.
  • Ashley needs to talk to you. Meet her back at the office.
  • John Luck’s ready for you. Head to the Local News office.

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