NBA 2K23 Post Scorer Patch: Hotfix Nerfs Overpowered Post Shots & Hook Shots


NBA 2K23 post scorers may have a more difficult time getting easy buckets after the latest patch / hotfix from 2K. On September 16, 2K hotfixed a bug where post shots and hook shots were immune to shot contests from defenders.

After the game launched, both post shots and hook shots were not being affected by shot contests, which meant that post players were almost unstoppable in the paint using these moves.

2K Sports Gameplay director Mike Wang announced on Twitter that they were aware of this bug and addressing it with a hotfix, as well as another bug that allowed post-hook attempts to green without players releasing the stick at all.

“Post shots/hooks are currently immune to contests. This will be hotfixed tomorrow morning. The other bug where post hooks can green w/o releasing the stick is known and still being investigated. Tomorrow’s fix should keep hooks in check until we can address it”, Wang said.

For NBA 2K23, Wang and the rest of 2K have been refreshingly vocal on social media about not overreacting to fan feedback and to aim for a more realistic / sim virtual basketball experience. For this particular bug, a patch was obviously in need and helps make the game more realistic.

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