NBA 2K23 Leadership Skills Explained

One of the more overlooked aspects in MyCAREER on NBA 2K23 is the use of leadership points. In this article, we will dive deeper and go over what leadership points are and what they do for your MyPLAYER in NBA 2K23. 

What are Leadership Skills?

Leadership skills are perks that offer attribute and skill bonuses to certain skills within NBA 2K23. They also provide boosts in attributes for your AI teammates in MyCAREER. It is important to note that skill points are only able to be used in the MyCAREER mode. When we start our MyCAREER save we are prompted with two different types of leadership skills “Trailblazer” and “General”. There is also a third category in the game labeled “College skills” that can be unlocked during the college flashback sequence of the MyCAREER storyline.

How to Use Leadership Skills?

In order to use the leadership skills, you have to navigate to the leadership skills tab. Once on this menu, you will be able to equip a leadership skill in the skill slots. There are different tiers of each leadership skill with more powerful skills being in tier 4 and less powerful skills in tier 1. The higher the tier of leadership skill means it will cost more to buy and equip. Each leadership skill will come with a requirement. This requirement is how you will be able to unlock its boosts in-game. 

Example: ‘Under Lock and Key’ Leadership Skill

Requirement: Grab 4 rebounds. 

Boosts: Gives a small boost to rebounding and post-defense. Gives a boost to perimeter defense and defensive IQ for your teammates. 

Duration: 14 Possessions

In order to activate this leadership skill you just need to grab 4 rebounds. This is the same for all leadership skills, you will be given a requirement in-game and once that is complete the leadership skill will be activated for as long as the duration stated. The higher tired leadership skills have harder requirements to unlock but, they unlock better attribute boosts and last longer.

Why Should I Care About Leadership Skills?

Leadership Skills are going to make the MyCAREER grind a lot easier as it will make your AI teammates a whole lot better. If you want to grind out playmaking badges it would be beneficial to put on a leadership skill that boosts the shooting of your AI teammates. Also, with the amount of VC it costs to upgrade MyPLAYERS, this will allow you to get by in MyCAREER with lower attributes.

Article contributed by Miles Peters

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