NBA 2K23 Featured in Inaugural Olympic Esports Week (OEW)

Olympic Esports Week is a new multi-day event showcasing virtual competition culminating in live, in-person finals. OEW was held for the first time ever in Singapore from June 22nd to June 25th, 2023. The event featured over 100 athletes from around the world competing in 9 virtual sports competitions.

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NBA 2K23 at OEW

NBA 2K23 5v5 Pro-Am was part of the action in Singapore, with three teams of 5v5 that competed in an exhibition format. Here are the three teams who previously won their respective eFIBA Season 1 regional finals this year:

  • Philippines (Asia)
  • Turkey (Europe)
  • Brazil (South America)

NBA 2K23 OEW Highlights

You can watch more NBA 2K23 at OEW highlights here.

With the NBA 2K League, FIBA, Olympic Esports, various leagues, and more, the NBA 2K series continues to grow as an esports title worldwide.

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