NBA 2K22 College vs G League Option, Teams, Perks, & Attribute Boosts List

The quest to perfect your MyPLAYER build has become an NBA 2K tradition, and this year is no different for NBA 2K22. The MyCAREER journey and storyline this year offers fans the ability for your MyPLAYER to start his career either in the NCAA like most NBA players do, via the G League like what 2021 NBA lottery pick Jonathan Kuminga did, or declare for the NBA draft and go straight to the NBA, a la the path of Kobe, LeBron, and KG. Whatever decision you end up making comes with certain perks and consequences – here they are:

G League

  • Earn permanent 5% MyPoints accelerator to speed up process of upgrading your MyPLAYER
  • Pursue endorsement opportunities on off days to earn VC and start building your Personal Brand
  • Prepare yourself for the league by playing against NBA-caliber talent
  • Meet the press to take control of your narrative and practice your interviewing skills

College (NCAA)

  • Jump directly into the single-elimination tournament (March Madness) and earn additional badge points by winning the national championship
  • Gain more fans by playing on a national stage and proving you’re a top prospect
  • Earn attribute boosts for the tournament by attending practices that teach you key skills in your build
  • Maintain amateur status, allowing you to sign with the G League after college (you can’t attend college after going to the G)

College Bonus Badge Points List

  • Florida Gators
    • +1 to Shooting, Playmaking, Defense, and Finishing
  • UCLA Bruins
    • +2 to Finishing and Shooting
  • Villanova Wildcats
    • +4 to Shooting
  • Oklahoma Sooners
    • +2 to Shooting, and +1 to Playmaking and Defense
  • Michigan State Spartans
    • +4 to Playmaking
  • Gonzaga Bulldogs
    • +3 to Finishing and +1 to Playmaking
  • Syracuse Orange
    • +3 to Playmaking and +1 to Shooting
  • Connecticut Huskies
    • +2 to Finishing and +2 to Defense
  • Texas Tech Red Raiders
    • +4 to Defense
  • West Virginia Mountaineers
    • +3 to Defense and +1 to Finishing


The NBA route doesn’t offer any special or specific tangible perks in the form of boosts, but this route does let you accelerate right into the action amongst the NBA superstars of today.

Our Recommendation

If you’re in a rush to get your MyPoints fast to upgrade your MyPLAYER, then the G League is the best option. Conversely, it’s tough to leave badge points on the table, which is the major perk of going the NCAA route. Another benefit of choosing college, is it still leaves the door open to going to the G League, whereas the G League’s only next step is the NBA.

If you’re not in a rush to get to the NBA and looking for the best long-term benefit for your MyPLAYER, we recommend going the NCAA > G League > NBA route. But the choice will ultimately depend on which route makes the most sense for you and your MyPLAYER.

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