NBA 2K18 “Run the Neighborhood” Event Details

Mark your calendars for Thursday, Aug 31 (12:30 PT / 3:30 PM ET) — 2K will be hosting a NBA 2K18 global broadcast on their Facebook page. Several NBA 2K influencers and press are invited to the event and will provide more details on the game, including NBA 2K18’s MyCAREER mode.

Be sure to check out the archive of 2K’s Periscope video for more info!

Here is “Run the Neighborhood” epic trailer!


More Details from “Run the Neighborhood”:

Share an open world environment with tons of fellow NBA 2K ballers!


  • Dual Archetypes (189 archetypes)
  • Badge Progression is Tracked
  • Individual Attribute Upgrades are Back


  • 1vs1 (“King of the Court”): Play people 1vs1
  • The Playground: Traditionally MyPARK, with affiliations like Sunset Ballers, etc.
  • The Proving Ground: Likely this will be a ‘beginner’ section for new players
  • Legendary: Likely this will be accessible by Legend players
  • Dunk-Off: Likely this will be a dunk-contest


  • Pro-Am Team Arena: Play 2K-Pro Am games
  • Team Practice Facility: Practice, do drills, etc.
  • The Venue: Will hold Mt. Dew Tournaments, Park After Dark, House Rules, etc.
  • Training Facility (Gatorade): Whole gym, you can work out with other players
  • The Downtown Court: A jumpshot game
  • Hoops Academy: Likely this will be something similar to “2KU”
  • MyCourt / MyCrib w/Elevator: Take an elevator to the streets, or chill at your crib, play on your MyCOURT, or even play a friend on your couch 1vs1 quickmatch, etc.


  • Foot Locker: Buy and try on shoes
  • NBA Store: Buy NBA gear
  • Clothing Shop (“Swag’s”): Try on and buy clothes
  • Barber Shop: Get a hair cut / change hair style
  • Tattoo Parlor (“Alley-Oops”): Get some tats


  • 2K Zone: 1) Arcade zone of mini games like mini hoops, blacktop 2) Trivia 3) Recording Audio
  • T-Shirts Kiosk: Create, vote on, and buy T-Shirts created by the NBA 2K Community (requires 80 ovr).
  • Vehicles: Bikes, Skateboards, travel places through the Subway
  • Wall of Fame: Likely a dynamic leaderboard of the top players, or NBA 2K17’s top ranked legends.


  • Facial Hair Can be different colors now


The “Neighborhood” idea has been on NBA 2KW’s NBA 2K Wishlist for some time, gaining several votes along the way — further proof of the NBA 2K Community’s ideas at work and that 2K listens to their fans, by implementing it in NBA 2K18! Props to the 2K Devs for putting in a new mode that is a 100% GAME CHANGER for sports videogames.

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