NBA 2K18 Dual Archetypes / Secondary Archetypes Confirmed!

NBA 2K18 Double Archetypes / Secondary Archetypes are confirmed in NBA 2K18! Check out the image below, courtesy of @Kenny_Got_Work and @DatBoyDimez We will update this post as more info is revealed.

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– Every position can add any “skill” (archetype) as a secondary. So a PF can add ball-handling & passing as a secondary to their archetype.

– Pures have less overall badges, but can reach HOF in some. Hybrids have less HOF (zero in some cases) but access to more overall badges

– Each archetype (pure or hybrid) has badge “caps”. You can get some bronze, some silver, some gold, etc, all determined by your archetype.

via Zach Timmerman, 2K Producer (@CHoops4Life)


We’ve summarized by position, a visual guide for NBA 2K18 archetypes for number of badges, according to the the sheet made by twitter user dunkeschoen. Check it out below!

Check out the NBA 2K18 MyPLAYER Builder for all archetypes

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