NBA 2K18 – How to Get VC

To be efficient in getting NBA 2K18 VC fast, you should try earning it utilizing all the methods.  Here we’ve listed out the different ways on how to get VC in NBA 2K18.  Check out the list below:

NBA 2K18 – How to Get VC:

  • Playing the various Game Modes: MyCAREER (games, endorsements, etc), Pro-Am, Playground, MyGM/MyLEAGUE, Neighborhood (Bet VC in Ante Up, drills, etc), Play Now Online, etc.
  • MyNBA2K18 App
  • NBA 2KTV Answers
  • Buy Reece’s Puffs & Ruffles to receive Locker Codes for VC
  • Purchase VC (last resort)

If you’re trying to upgrade your MyPLAYER, be sure to use the VC for attribute upgrades and be frugal with the customization to get the most usage out of your VC.


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