NBA 2K18 Graphics: Body Types, Face Scan, Hair Styles, Jersey Improvements

2K has dropped a new NBA 2K18 Graphics and Art Trailer, detailing a number of improvements that were made to the visuals of the game. We’ve summarized them below for the 2K Community. Check out the NBA 2K18 graphics info!


  • Improved player accuracy
  • Completely redesigned body system to match body types of every player in the league
  • Body weight and height are more accurately represented
  • Insane details
  • Jersey overhaul with color accuracy verified by NBA
  • Whole new library of player accessories
  • Improved Face scan feature
  • Updated and added new hair styles
  • Overhauled MyPLAYER Creator to provide many choices and looks

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[UPDATED 9/7/17]

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