NBA 2K18 AI Improvements / Features

NBA 2K18 Gameplay Producer, Scott O’Gallagher dropped a TON of new info and features about the AI in NBA 2K18.  We’ve summarized a few of them below:


– Defense: AI has more realistic reaction and understanding of positioning that recognizes opposing player’s ability, reading plays, game situation, etc.


– Your CPU teammates now have the ability to recognize a set and action a team is running and adjust on the fly. This also plays a substantial role in ACE. For example, you will see certain teams change their pick and roll coverage in a 1-4 spread situation with Steph Curry or Kyrie Irving as opposed to Russell Westbrook. You will also see defenders play tight or back up significantly in pinch post or rub actions.

– Many teams will also have individual positioning adjustments in isolation situations. This can change depending on where the player catches the ball and who is the on-ball defender.


– Emphasis on defensive perception. I.e. a player will have to see the man and ball to react to it

– Elite defenders will be noticeable off-ball. When the defender can read the pass animation depends on the defender’s IQ. A Kawhi Leonard can see the pass earlier and react faster than a lesser defender.


– Double teams have been refactored. New animation coverage for pick and roll and post ups. We have also added doubled team packages for the AI, so they can change their double team coverage in four out sets compared to three out.

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