NBA 2K17 Gameplay Fixes on the Way: Shot Timing, Moving Screens, Defense & More


It’s no secret that the Sharpshooter player archetype has been noticeably OP in NBA 2K17. So new changes are coming to the game to address the shooting, as well as other gameplay elements, hopefully equating to an overall more balanced gameplay experience.  Gameplay Director Mike Wang, a.k.a. Beluba, posted some details on twitter, here they are below.

Fair Warning: Shot timing will become more difficult soon. It’s too easy right now cause I had to compensate for the shot meter glitch.

When I undo my band-aid fix, you will see a noticeable drop in the frequency of green releases, so enjoy them while they last.

Sharpshooters will be just fine. But nobody should be averaging 80+% from 3PT range.

Pass speeds, moving screens and defense are being looked at as well. And yes, we know about the Relentless Finisher issue. Will fix asap.

It’s not going to be as drastic as some of you think. I’m just prepping you all that the timing band-aid is going away after XB gets 1.04

Just addressing those who are saying that shooting is too easy and FG% are too high. I’m aware of it.

Thanks for your feedback!