NBA 2K17 Gameplay Enhancements Include Better Rebounding, Steal, & Fatigue Systems (IGN)


IGN has posted new NBA 2K17 gameplay features and enhancements, including revamped rebounding, steal, and fatigue systems, and more details.

Here’s a quote from the article:

Visual Concepts has also done some work on the rebound system to make it closer to real life basketball. “Last year, pretty much every rebound was caught cleanly by a defender,” Blumberg said. “That doesn’t happen in basketball all the time. There’s a lot of fighting for the ball, it gets tipped around, and it’s a physical part of the game.” He told us that players will see the ball get tipped around more as players crash the backboards. You can tap the ball over to a teammate if you’re unable to pull bound a rebound yourself. We even saw an offensive player catch the ball and take a shot in mid-air. Blumberg said stealing the ball also had a significant revamp, so it’s not abused as much as it was last year’s games.


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