NBA 2K17 All-in-One Complete Badges Guide: Skill, Personality, HOF, Grand, and MyPARK Badges


Hall of Fame Badges in NBA 2K17 are the next step up after getting the Gold Badge for your player archetype (using VC to upgrade), and gives your player dominance in that skill. There are 5 HOF badges that you can earn for and are related to your specific archetype (for example Playmaker can only have Hall of Fame Dimer, Lob City Passer, Flashy Passer, Pick & Roll Maestro, and Ankle Breaker badges). To unlock HOF badges, perform the following steps:

  1. Unlock the Bronze version of the Badge for your player archetype
  2. Upgrade it to a Gold Badge using VC
  3. Repeat the same thing as when getting Bronze to unlock the Hall of Fame Badge.

Example: To get the Playmaking PG Dimer Hall of Fame badge, first you would need to unlock the bronze badge by getting 300 assists in a season.  After using VC to upgrade to unlock the Gold Badge, you need to get 1200 assists total. It is believed the requirements for HOF badges in NBA 2K17 are 3-4 times the requirements for bronze badges (unconfirmed). Hall of Fame Badges can’t be purchased and must be earned.



Grand Badges in NBA 2K17 are archetype boosts that can activate during a game, which are earned, according to Zach Timmerman of 2K, by having “several games of dominance in stat categories related to your archetype”.