NBA 2K17 All-in-One Complete Badges Guide: Skill, Personality, HOF, Grand, and MyPARK Badges

PERSONALITY BADGES (that affect gameplay)

ALPHA DOG – Team leader who takes it upon himself to lead his team to victory.
How to get it: Be the highest rated player in 20 consecutive games

CLUTCH PERFORMER – Steps his game up in big games and big moments.
How to get it: Shoot over 40% in the final minutes of a game.

WILDCARD – A player who can be wildly inconsistent.

SPARK PLUG – Come off the bench or comes out of timeouts making big plays that can energize his teammates.
How to get it: In a 6 game running window, you must average at least 7 points per game while coming off the bench.

ENFORCER – Can wreak havoc on the floor with tough and physical play.
How to get it: Get 10 non-flagrant, hard fouls in a single season.

HARDENED – Will play through fatigue & injury without experiencing a severe drop in skill.
How to get it: Play 20 games in a row where you average 80% of the team’s minutes or more.

CHAMPIONSHIP DNA – Can quickly see where double teams are coming from. Also steps up his game in playoff moments.
How to get it: Win an NBA Championship.

ON COURT COACH – Can call plays, encourage teammates to shoot and has an increased chance of getting the ball when calling for it.
How to get it: (Unconfirmed) Max out playmaking, be an 95 ovr, and/or tell your teammates to shoot by pressing X.

DEFENSIVE ANCHOR – Defensive leader who helps his teammates perform better defensively.
How to get it: Get Defender up to lvl 18, play 30 or more games.

MICROWAVE – A player who heats up quicker than most.
How to get it: Get your player “Hot” on offense at some point in the game for 5-10 consecutive games.  When you have two red rings in your player indicator, you are considered “Hot”.

Personality Badges (that only affect emotional reactions during in-game situations)

FRIENDLY  An outgoing and typically well-liked player.

RESERVED – A quiet player that generally keeps to himself.

LEGENDARY WORK ETHIC – First one to the gym, last one to leave and the hardest worker at all times.

HIGH WORK ETHIC – Goes above and beyond the typical exemplary work ethic of an NBA athlete.

ALL-TIME GREAT – Strives to be known as an all-time great.

LOW EGO – Values team success more than anything.
How to get it: Have only a little more field goal attempts than assists (less than 2:1 is ideal) in 15 consecutive games.

KEEP IT REAL – Responds best to tough love.

PAT MY BACK – Responds best when patted on the back and coddled when spoken to.

EXPRESSIVE – Has no problem expressing his feelings.
How to get it: Constantly celebrate any time the prompt comes up

UNPREDICTABLE – Can be erratic in his behavior.

LAID BACK – Generally pretty chill at all times.