NBA 2K17 – 2KTV Answers for Episode 7

Here are Episode 7’s correct answers for the interactive NBA 2K17 2KTV quiz to win VC and more. For a full archive of past episode answers, click here.

  1. Highest rating for Mike Conley? – Passing Accuracy
  2. Who drafted Mike Conley with the 4th pick? – Grizzlies
  3. Who has given you the great challenge in 2k? – (Any Answer)
  4. What does Mike Conley eat before every game? – Pasta with Meat Sauce
  5. In Play now online, how many tiers are there? – 5
  6. Who do you think will earn a second moments card first? – (Any Answer)
  7. How do you choose who to play as? – (Any Answer)
  8. Top Play – (Any Answer)


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