NBA 2K14’s MyGM – new Conversation Engine, screenshots, and more

Called a “re-imagination of what a franchise mode should be,” MyGM (the new and improved Association) looks to take the team building experience to a whole new dynamic level on next gen NBA 2K14. A natural progression of Association mode, the new MyGM appears to incorporate some elements from RPG games, Owner Mode, and Madden’s Connected Careers.

What the mode seems to capture is really putting you in the shoes of what an actual NBA GM is tasked with on a daily basis. Whether that means keeping a player happy with playing time or making sure the owner’s goals are being met. Driving this is the new “Conversation Engine”, which is used for all interaction with various people in the organization. Decisions you make and conversations you have in MyGM, can have lasting effects on the direction of your franchise.

For more on MyGM, check out the quotes from NBA 2K ‘s official facebook page below, or if you missed it from a litle while ago, the in-depth interview about MyGM.

From NBA 2K ‘s official facebook page:

In NBA 2K14’s MyGM mode, you level-up your GM by upgrading from the seven different attribute categories (each attribute category has 10 upgrades). In addition to this, you can acquire GM-specific Special Abilities, that, if used properly, can give your team a leg-up on the competition.

In NBA 2K14’s MyGM mode, building your GM is the key to success. Will you specialize in the art of negotiating? Or perhaps you want to be a businessman to maximize your bottom line? If you become an expert in assessing Emotional Intelligence, you will have the powers of persuasion at your disposal. Like all things in MyGM, the choice is entirely yours…

Driving NBA 2K14’s MyGM mode is the new Conversation Engine. All interactions with your players, staff, owner, and press take place through conversation, and afford you the opportunity to make decisions that will have ripple effects throughout the organization, both on and off the court. Be careful, the engine will remember things you’ve said in the past…

MyGM is a complete re-imagination of what a franchise mode should be. Everything you say and do shapes the world around you as you oversee an entire organization, right down to the details of staffing, managing player expectations, game pricing, team facilities, and much, much more.

Via NBA 2K Facebook

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