NBA 2K Tips: Mastering the Dirk Nowitzki One-Legged Step-Back Shot

Dirk Nowitzki has scored a shipload of points throughout his career using his unstoppable, signature one-legged step-back shot. Other NBA stars have started using it also. The shot has been in the NBA 2K series for some time as well, and here’s how to add it to your arsenal of shots:

1) Press Y (triangle for PlayStation) for the back to basket animation

2) While holding Left Stick away from the hoop, hold X (square for PlayStation) to release the shot. (To pump fake the shot, tap the shoot button).

* To make your my player more “Dirk-ish”, go to My Player > Edit Player > Signature Shots > select “D. Nowitzki” or “One-Foot” as the signature shot options.

Check out the video to see how to do this move in-depth and from different spots on the court.

Via UC704

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