NBA 2K Mobile: Trophy Item Rewards Available During NBA In-Season Tournament

Starting this week, trophy items can be earned in events. They can eventually be used to get free cards of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament MVP.

Here are the full details on what 2K had to say about NBA 2K Mobile Trophy Items during the NBA’s In-Season Tournament:

NBA 2K24 Event Trophy Items Explained

During the NBA’s In-Season Tournament, trophy items will be available as extra progression rewards in events.

  • There are 4 different trophy items : Garnet, Zircon, Cosmic Jasper and Obsidian. At the end of the tournament, these trophies can be redeemed in the store for new foundation cards of those respective tiers.
  • The player for each card will be the MVP of the tournament.
  • Trophies will be available in each of the next 6 main events starting with this week’s Fantasy Finals.
  • The trophies you can collect are based on your tier and which progression rewards you qualify for in that particular event.
  • The Garnet trophy can be collected alongside whichever Garnet card is in that event.
  • The Zircon trophy will be alongside the Zircon card, etc.
  • The new cards for the tournament MVP will require:
    • Garnet card: 5 Garnet trophies
    • Zircon card: 4 Zircon trophies
    • Cosmic Jasper card: 3 CJ trophies
    • Obsidian card: 2 Obsidian trophies

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