NBA 2K Mobile Season 5 Full Details: New Features, Release Date, Game Modes, Specs, More

NBA 2K Mobile Season 5 is now available worldwide! We’ve got all the info about NBA 2K Mobile Season 5, including new features, how to download, specs, and more. Read on for the full details:

Download the free NBA 2K Mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Android.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 5 Release Date & Info

  • The release date is September 27, 2022
  • Over 41 Million downloads to date

NBA 2K Mobile Season 5 Cover Athlete

  • The Cover Athlete is Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics

NBA 2K Mobile Season 5 Game Details & New Features

  • Players can experience authentic, console-quality NBA gameplay in Season 5, with exciting updates.
  • Collect basketball cards of NBA superstars and teams from the 2022-23 NBA season and NBA Legends and compete in limited-time events for basketball cards and rewards;
  • All-new Tourneys mode as a whole new way for players to test their skills against specific opponents in a 7-game championship mode;
  • New Blacktop court for CREWS mode, lets players customize their MyPLAYER before heading out to play 3-on-3 freestyle basketball;
  • New Mentoring system adds a level of depth to roster management. Players will now be able to create Mentors that give significant boosts when attached to a MyTEAM player card;
  • A complete visual redesign of the UI improves the overall experience for players.
  • Additionally, FPS will be 120Hz for the latest devices that can support it.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 5 – How to Play & Specs

  • To play, download the free NBA 2K Mobile app for Apple devices. Requires 4+ GB of RAM and iOS 11.0 or later or on Google devices with Android 8+ (Android 9.0 recommended).
  • An Internet connection is required.
  • NBA 2K Mobile‚Äôs live 2K action requires newer hardware.
  • App includes optional in-game purchases.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 5 Screenshots

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