NBA 2K League ‘Fight’: oFab Shoves Rando After Game, Suspensions Given Out (Video)

With money ultimately on the line and competitive intensity high, things got heated in the NBA 2K League! Following the Celtics CG’s loss to Hawks Talon GC 68-58 on Wednesday, Celtics CG’s oFab appeared to brush off a post-game handshake from Hawks Talon’s Rando, before pushing Rando, which instigated an altercation. The NBA 2K League has suspended oFab and DatBoyShotz for 1 game and fined them $500 each, for their roles in the post-game altercation. The league also fined Celtics CG player Mel East $500 for his role in the altercation.

Celtics CG will be without oFab in week 3 against the 76ers GC after a week 2 bye. He’ll be replaced in the lineup by 6th man, Suavy. Hawks Talon GC will be without DatBoyShotz for their week 2 game against Jazz Gaming, XxSTL2LAxX will be his replacement.

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