NBA 2K Community Spotlight: QBZ

Today’s NBA 2K Community Spotlight features content creator, QBZ! We recently caught up with QBZ and his thoughts on the NBA 2K series. The NBA 2K Community Spotlight highlights NBA 2K content creators, NBA 2K league and esports players, teams, clans, and more in the 2K Community. Check it out!

NBA 2K Community Spotlight: QBZ

  • Gamertag: QBZ 24
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Favorite Mode(s): The Rec, Park / City
  • YouTube: @QBZ24
  • TikTok: QBZ24
  • Twitch: QBZ24
  • Kick: QBZ24
  • Twitter: QBZ24
  • Instagram: QBZ24
  • Facebook: QBZ


  • Position: SG
  • Archetype: 3PT Shot Hunter
  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight: 208 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’8″

NBA 2K Community Spotlight Q&A:

Read below for the full Q&A!

2KW: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

QBZ: I’m 36 with a wife and kids but enjoy gaming no matter what age I am. Been creating content for years but with family and work wasn’t able to be consistent as I would like.

2KW: Can you describe what your channel is about, what type of content you do on your channel, playstyle, etc.?

QBZ: My channel is about having a good time and laughing as most of my clips and videos I am laughing. I’m just a dude that enjoys making others laugh that’s always been me, you got to stay positive in this stressful world. I post NBA 2K content, other games and tutorials as well for other things outside of 2K.

2KW: What’s your favorite game mode and things about NBA 2K24?

QBZ: I mainly play REC but I do play park as well but enjoy the 5v5 games

2KW: What is your favorite NBA 2K version and why?

QBZ: NBA 2K16 was my favorite even after the patch that everyone dislikes because it took a away speed boosting. I play the game and it was the most balanced imo also the 2K I put the most time into.

2KW: What’s your favorite NBA team and NBA player?

QBZ: Favorite team is the Bulls but favorite player is LeBron James

2KW: What do you want to see in future versions of NBA 2K?

QBZ: Less bad animations like bad catches, speed ups, and for bigs, when getting the rebound and getting the ball stolen for no reason. 2K took glue hands out and that’s all that has been happening, even with Unpluckable.

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