playmaking slasher

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    #NBA2K19Playmaking Slasher Height: 6'4, Weight: 198 lbs, Wingspan: 70.9, Jump Shot: Custom, Free Throw: Stephen Curry, Dribble Pull-Ups: Athletic 7, Spin Jumpers: Stephen Curry, Hop Jumpers: James Harden, Post Fades: Fade 12, Post Hooks: Hook 4, Post Hop Shots: Post Hop Shot 7, Post Shimmy Fades: Shimmy Fade 15, Post Shimmy Hooks: Shimmy Hook 3, Moving Crossovers: Pro 8, Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 6, Moving Spins: Pro 8, Moving Hesitations: Pro 6, Triple Threat Styles: Normal 10, Layups: J. Crawford, Dunks Package 1: Jordan Kilganon

    height: 6.4 weight: 198 jump shot: custom free throw: Stephen curry: standing dribble: Allen iverson standing behind the back dribble: Allen iverson dribble moves: your choice.


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