How to Get a Technical Foul, Flagrant Foul, & Ejected in NBA 2K24

Technical Fouls, flagrant fouls, and ejections are in NBA 2K24. Here’s the full guide on how to get them in the game!

How to Get a Technical Foul

Getting a technical foul in NBA 2K24 is simple. Simply hang on the rim after a dunk. Here are the controls for a controllable rim hang: While performing any two-handed dunk, keep R2 held when the player gets to the rim to perform a rim hang. Use LS to control swing, and move RS up to pull up on the rim.

How to Get a Flagrant Foul

Flagrant fouls are a dice roll in NBA 2K24, but flagrant fouls are usually the result of a player going for a “swat block” one too many times. To attempt a swat block, Hold RT + Y (Xbox) or R2 + Triangle (PlayStation).

How to Get Ejected

The way to get ejected in NBA 2K24 is to get two technical fouls (from hanging on the rim).

There you have it, now get out there on the virtual court and get T’d up!

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