Buying Season 8 Pro Pass in NBA 2K24 Unlocks NBA 2K25 Rewards

In today’s Season 8 launch details for NBA 2K24, 2K revealed the first rewards for NBA 2K25. In what is called “Dual Entitlement,” rewards can be unlocked for both NBA 2K24 and NBA 2K25 if you purchase Season 8 Pro Pass to unlock them.

Read on for the rewards you can unlock in NBA 2K25 with Season 8 Pro Pass.

NBA 2K25 Rewards (Unlock with Season 8 Pro Pass in NBA 2K24)

  • MyPLAYER Air Jordan 1 Black/Gold T-Shirt
  • Black/Gold Jumpman Oversize T-Shirt
  • Black and Gold Robe
  • Amethyst Derrick Rose MyTEAM Card
  • Pro Pass Pack

How to Claim Your Rewards in NBA 2K25

Unlocking your rewards in NBA 2K25 requires purchases of NBA 2K25 within the same console family and NBA 2K Account. Rewards for NBA 2K25 will be automatically entitled in-game after linking the NBA 2K Account used for NBA 2K24 with NBA 2K25. The NBA 2K24 Season 8 Pro Pass and Hall of Game Pass are available until August 9, 2024 at 7:59 A.M. PT. Terms apply.

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