Complete List of NBA 2K League Archetypes / Builds (5v5) for NBA 2K23

The NBA 2K League 5v5 season tipped off yesterday, and with it came the revealment of the official NBA 2K League 5v5 archetypes / builds. The NBA 2K League uses a special version of the NBA 2K23 archetype system for NBA 2K League gameplay – ideally to promote gameplay balance and fairness among the teams.  Each archetype at each position has various build characteristics (height, weight, badges, etc).

Each NBA 2KL team gets the opportunity to choose which specific NBA 2KL archetypes they want for their roster, with teams deciding on which builds to use that they think will best complement their players, desired playstyle, and strategic gameplan.

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Check out the entire list of NBA 2K League archetypes for NBA 2K23 below, including the build’s name, height, weight, and notable attributes and badges.

Point Guard

NameHtWtD Dunk3PTBHStlPer. D
Inside-Out Playmaker6'8"201 lbs93858978
Shot Creator6'1"180 lbs80999450
3PT Shot Creator6'3" 170 lbs86929556
Playmaking Shot Creator6'1"160 lbs86959550
Inside-Out Shot Creator6'1"160 lbs86939850

Shooting Guard

NameHtWtD Dunk3PTBHStlPer. D
3PT Shot Creator
6'3"170 lbs86928990
3-Level Shot Creator6'4"175 lbs90899260
Inside-Out Shot Creator 16'4"175 lbs86928985
Inside-Out Shot Creator 26'3"170 lbs88928985
Inside-Out Combo Guard6'3"170 lbs86929485

Small Forward

NameHtWtD Dunk3PTBHSpd w/BallPass AccStlPer. D
3 & D Wing 16'7"184 lbs84808099
3 & D Wing 2
6'8"180 lbs86847596
2-Way Inside-Out Scorer 16'8"180 lbs93837595
2-Way Inside-Out Scorer 26'7"198 lbs82827799
Perimeter Lockdown6'6"188 lbs80797999

Power Forward

NameHtWtD Dunk3PTPass AccDef. RebBlock
2-Way Stretch Glass Cleaner6'9"218 lbs70828699
2-Way Diming Inside-Out Scorer6'9"218 lbs86808699
Glass-Cleaning Lockdown6'9"218 lbs74827699
2-Way Inside-Out Scorer 16'10"219 lbs86817695
2-Way Inside-Out Scorer 26'10"229 lbs86808099


NameHtWtD DunkStanding DunkClose ShotFT3PTPass AccDef. RebOff. Reb
Diming Paint Beast 17'0"239 lbs92658699
Diming Paint Beast 27'0"239 lbs85608699
Glass-Cleaning Finisher 17'0"235 lbs85797699
Glass-Cleaning Finisher 27'1"237 lbs85768099
Defensive Anchor7'1"254 lbs90708099

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