2K is Cracking Down on NBA 2K24 PC Cheaters

In the words of LeBron James, “It’s About Damn Time!” 2K announced on its official Discord channel that NBA 2K24 has implemented new protections against cheating tools and their-party software / scripts on PC.

Here’s the full quote:

In an effort to create a more fair and balanced NBA 2K24 experience for all players on PC, please be aware that some new protections have recently been implemented. Players who attempt to play NBA 2K24 for PC while running cheating tools or unauthorized third-party software may now be redirected to the NBA 2K Player Code of Conduct web page or experience gameplay limitations in which passing the ball becomes unsuccessful.
If you encounter either of these, please ensure that you do not have any cheating tools or unauthorized third-party software installed that could be affecting NBA 2K24.

This is definitely a step in the right direction and long overdue, given PC’s almost comical reputation for being a haven for cheaters who likely hail from their mom’s basement. With protections in place, PC stands more of a chance to be included as a new-gen title for NBA 2K25.

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