The Start of the NBA 2K League (Season 2) Begins Today at 5 PM ET with THE TIPOFF Tournament

21 Teams. 7 Groups. 5 Days. 1 Champion.

Season 2 of NBA 2K League is set to kick off today with”THE TIPOFF” Powered by AT&T.  The first game of the new season will feature the Raptors Uprising GC against Mavs Gaming at 5 PM ET and can be watched on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch channel.

The tournament features all NBA 2KL teams, including the four new expansion teams (Hawks Talon GC, NetsGC, Lakers Gaming, and T-Wolves Gaming). Teams are split into seven groups of three, each team will play the other two teams in the group. The winner of each group will then move on to the bracket stage, where an eighth ‘wild card’ team will be selected based on a tiebreaker criteria.On April 6, qualified teams will play for a share of the $120,000 prize pool.

Read below for info on THE TIPOFF prize money, groups, seeding criteria, and more.

1st place team wins $52,500.
2nd place team wins $37,500,
3rd & 4th place teams win $15,000.


Group 1: Cavs Legion GC, Mavs Gaming, Raptors Uprising GC

Group 2: Knicks Gaming, Magic Gaming, NetsGC

Group 3: Grizz Gaming, T-Wolves Gaming, Wizards District Gaming

Group 4: 76ers GC, Heat Check Gaming, Kings Guard Gaming

Group 5: Hawks Talon GC, Pacers Gaming, Warriors Gaming Squad

Group 6: Celtics Crossover Gaming, Lakers Gaming, Pistons GT

Group 7: Blazer5 Gaming, Bucks Gaming, Jazz Gaming

Seeding Criteria

The criteria below will be used to determine the winner of each group, the wild card team, and playoff seeding.

  1. Winning percentage
  2. Number of points under the Eight Point Quarter System (see below)
  3. Average point differential per game in pool play
  4. Total points scored in pool play
  5. Random draw

Eight Point Quarter System

This system will be used as the second tiebreaker. In this system, eight points are awarded each game and distributed as follows:

  • Four points for winning the game.
  • One point for every quarter a team wins (in the event of a tied quarter, both teams will receive 0.5 points).
  • As a result, the winning team in each game can collect between five and eight points, while the losing team can collect between zero and three points.

To watch THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T, watch on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch channel.

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