Predicting the 3 Most Used Teams in NBA 2K15

When NBA 2K15 is released on October 7, what’s the first team you’re going to use? Many noble fans will use their hometown teams whether their team is good or bad, but many will flock to the best teams in the game to be as competitive as possible. If those two things happen to coincide, all the better. Here’s a look at the teams who will likely be the most popular in NBA 2K15.

#1 – Cleveland Cavaliers

Projected NBA 2K15 starting lineup:

Kyrie Irving / Dion Waiters / Andrew Wiggins / LeBron James / Anderson Varejao

Whether or not a trade for Kevin Love is completed, the arrival of LeBron James back on the Cavs means a flock of LeBron fans are likely to migrate over from the Heat. After suffering through many horrendous rosters after the ‘Decision’, Cavs fans can rejoice with NBA 2K15 and LeBron James’ return. Aside from the die-hard Cavs fans, quite simply, many will just want to use the best player in the NBA and the best player in NBA 2K15. Add dynamic point guard Kyrie Irving with either #1 overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins or Kevin Love (to be determined), along with three-point shooter Mike Miller off the bench, and the Cavs are sure to be one of the most exciting teams to use in NBA 2K15.


#2 – Chicago Bulls

Projected NBA 2K15 starting lineup:

Derrick Rose / Jimmy Butler / Doug McDermott / Pau Gasol / Joakim Noah

The Bulls were a viable playoff team last season even without then-injured Derrick Rose, so imagine what adding three impact players will do for next season. As of right now, many have the Bulls as the team to beat in the East with the addition of a healthy Derrick Rose, Pau Gasol, and rookie Doug McDermott. In NBA 2K15, the Bulls will have a very balanced squad – D. Rose doing his thing, Butler and Noah playing lockdown defense, ‘Dougie McBuckets’ giving the Bulls that sorely needed outside threat, and Pau Gasol still possessing his old-man YMCA effective post moves in the paint. The Bulls will be known for their blue-collar defense, but the new additions will give them more scoring punch next season. The Bulls will be a nice squad to use in NBA 2K15 and are ready to do some damage in the upcoming season.

#3 – Los Angeles Clippers

Projected NBA 2K15 starting lineup:

Chris Paul / JJ Reddick / Matt Barnes / Blake Griffin / Deandre Jordan

The Clippers should remain a popular choice for gamers in NBA 2K15. CP3 is the best floor general in the game and the alley-oop game is always a threat with the Clippers when you have high-flyers Griffin and Jordan. JJ Redick is one of the best shooters in the NBA and the free agent signing of center Spencer Hawes will give the Clippers a new look and more floor spacing.

Sleeper Pick – Golden State Warriors

Projected NBA 2K15 starting lineup:

Steph Curry / Klay Thompson / Andre Iguodala / David Lee / Andrew Bogut

Along with the Cavs, the Warriors are another team with Kevin Love as a possibility to join, but even without Love, the Dubs have one of the most balanced lineups in the NBA. ‘Best shooter on the planet’ Steph Curry pairs with fellow ‘Splash Brother’ Klay Thompson to form one of the best back courts in the NBA. Iguodala gives them that perimeter lockdown defender and versatile SF, along with center Bogut who defends the paint with the best of them. Double-double machine David Lee is always reliable for points in the paint and rebounding, and the addition of PG Shaun Livingston should give the Warriors some much needed depth to allow Steph Curry to play off-ball more. The Warriors overall balance and inside-out game should bode well for NBA 2K15.

What teams will you be running with in NBA 2K15?

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