New NBA 2K16 Gameplay Footage & Details: On-Ball Defense, Adaptive Coaching Engine, More

NBA 2K16 Gameplay Producer Scott O’Gallagher has posted an NBA 2K16 gameplay blog detailing a ton of new information about NBA 2K16 gameplay, most of it on defense: We’ve listed some of the highlights from it below:

Improved CPU On-Ball Defense:

  • Better positional understanding, better anticipation reactions, better understanding of defending offensive plays, some defenders will crowd ball handler.
  • True to life wingspans matter
Improved User Defensive Options:

  • Change the ball pressure on the fly (Controls: Tap L1/LB > select the defender > choose defensive pressure adjustment).
  • New visual player indicators will let you know if you defended well or not, and if you need to rotate on defense. (Nice!)
Adaptive Coaching Engine & Team Specific Defenses:

  • AI will dynamically and progressively adapt to the user. New team specific defenses have all 30 NBA coaches with their own adaptability and defensive coaching philosophies. They’ll adapt to players differently depending on time of season, player type, and more.
  • Legendary team adjustments also, like the “Jordan rules” and Scottie Pippen matching up with Magic Johnson. Over 5,000 defensive adjustments. AI teams will also have recognition of mismatches on the block on defense.
  • Elite defender responsibility – now certain teams will put their best defenders on you depending on the situation. Expect players like Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, or Kawhi Leonard to switch on to elite perimeter players.
  • Improved help rotation defense, transition defense, and more
  • Some players full-court pressure

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