NBA 2K25 The City Returns (Updated)

NBA 2K25 City Concept
(NBA 2K25 City Map Concept)

What is The City in NBA 2K

The City is an open world environment in MyCAREER, allowing players to explore a virtual city, team up with other players in various modes like 3v3 Park games, The Theater, Rec, Pro-Am, shop for apparel, complete quests, and more.

Is the City Returning to NBA 2K25?

Yes. 2K announced that there will be an all-new City and that it is more compact.

NBA 2K25 City Map (concept)

In this NBA 2K25 City Map concept, The City map is noticeably smaller in size (when compared with last years City map) and more dense with the attractions and amenities grouped closer together. This has been suggested by some so that traveling between locations takes less time (although most gamers just use the in-game subway anyways).


This City layout also mentions bringing back MyCOURT for NBA 2K25. MyCOURT is in older versions of the game (and last-gen) and was your virtual crib or personal basketball court for your MyPLAYER, it functioned as a central location for your MyPLAYER where you could:

  • Practice shooting hoops and hone your skills.
  • Play mini-games.
  • Watch 2KTV
  • Customize your character’s appearance

NBA 2K25 The City Description

The concept map was created by NBA 2K fan, Phourful. Here’s what he had to say about how it’d all work:

Load into the re-introduced MyCourt to practice your own drills or, open the doors and explore the all new City! In the City, you can find facilities to help improve your game! Train with the best of the best Chris Brickley, work on your strength and energy at the Gatorade Facility, or go to your teams practice facility and run drills to help improve your basketball iq! Of course when you look good, you play good. In the heart of the City you can find the fashion square! Find some of your favorite brands that can help show of your style! When

You’re ready too start hooping? You can head to 3 locations to show your skill. Play 3v3 basketball against highly skilled a.i’s to not only practice your game, but also help improve your MyPlayer! The NBA is also a go to if you want to live and play like a star! Finally travel online to the parks to play against other players from around the world and prove you’re the best! There you will find modes such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and a re-introduced mode 21 ! You can also find other modes such as Rec, Ante-Up, 3v3 Pro-am, and 5v5 Pro-am!”


This City concept is an intriguing take on The City, which many fans are undecided on if they even want it back or not, or if and how it should be adjusted for NBA 2K25. Bringing back MyCOURT could be a good move, as well as consolidating the map to be smaller and more dense. Whichever way it goes, the user experience should be a top priority for 2K regarding The City when NBA 2K25 releases later this year.

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