NBA 2K24 Tips: How to Switch on Defense (All Modes)

Here is the full guide on how to switch on defense in NBA 2K24. Switching defensive matchups / assignments in NBA 2K24 can be a strategic advantage while playing Rec, Pro-Am, Park, and Head-to-Head (H2H) modes like Play Now and MyTEAM.

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How to Switch on Defense in NBA 2K24 (MyPLAYER or Player Lock)

  • Tap Right Bumper (Xbox) or  R1 (PlayStation), then the icon of the player / position you want to guard / switch to. For example, to switch onto guarding the Point Guard, you’d press RB + A (Xbox) or R1 + A (PlayStation), while on defense.

How to Swap Player on Defense in NBA 2K24 (H2H)

  • To Player Swap for on-ball defense, tap A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation)
  • To Icon Swap for on-ball or off-ball defense, tap Right Bumper (Xbox) or R1 (PlayStation)

How to Change Defensive Matchups (H2H Online – Before Game)

  1. Select ‘Matchups’
  2. While at this screen, choose which player you want guarding the opponent’s player

How to Change Defensive Assignments in NBA 2K24 (H2H – In-Game)

  1. Press Start to open the in-game menu
  2. Go to “Gameplan” > “Defensive Settings”
  3. Press RB (Xbox) or R1 (PlayStation) to select the opponent’s player you want to change matchups for
  4. Go down to ‘Matchups’, then press RS left or right to choose which defender you want to guard the opponent’s player

Why Switch Matchups?

Just like in real basketball and the NBA, matchups and the ability to switch matchups are a big part of creating a strategic advantage for your team. You see this a lot in Pro-Am in NBA 2K24 where the other team’s best defender / lockdown defender switches matchups by matching up with the PG to try to slow him down.

There you have it! We hope this NBA 2K24 tutorial came in handy for you, and keep it locked here at NBA 2KW for all your NBA 2K tips and guides!