NBA 2K24 Tips: How to Equip & Do Player Intro & Outro Celebrations / Dances

If you’re wondering how to equip and perform pre-game and post-game dances and celebrations, look no further. Here’s how to customize your intros and outros in NBA 2K24!

How to Buy, Equip, & Perform Intros & Outros:

  • To buy specific Intros & Outros animations, go to MyPLAYER > Animations > Animations Store > Intros & Outros. Then choose which mode to buy it for (Park, NBA).
  • To equip the animation(s), go to MyPLAYER > Animations > Showoff Animations > Intros & Outros and equip the specific animation(s) you bought
  • To perform an Intro or Outro in-game, press RS in the direction(s) you assigned the animation to

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