NBA 2K24 Plate Colors Explained & How to Level Up

In this NBA 2K24 tutorial, we explain the meaning of My Performance metrics in MyCAREER, also known as, “plates.”

What are Plates / Plate Colors?

Plates are a dynamic ranking system that is tracked and displayed on each user’s player card (in the form of different colors) that reflects a MyPLAYER’s overall performance online.

What are the Plate / Performance Tiers?

Here are the different tiers:

LevelPlate Color
Casual (Lowest)Black
MVP (Highest)Purple

How to Level Up

Leveling up basically comes down to two main things:

  1. Winning Games / Good win percentage
  2. Not Quitting

If you do those two things consistently, you’ll be well on your way to a purple plate.

How to Check ‘My Performance’

Here’s how to check your My Performance and plate progress:

  1. Bring up the MyCAREER Menu
  2. Scroll to ‘The City’ > ‘City Stats’ > ‘My Performance.’ Here you’ll be able to view your progress between Casual and MVP and how many games your MyPLAYER played in at each level. (On this screen you can also check your V.I.P. Stats and 2K Card).

Does Having a “Good” Plate Mean You’re Good at the Game?

There are different perspectives on this in the 2K Community. The odds suggest that purple and yellows are going to be better at the game and are more reliable to play until the end and take the game more serious (to keep their rank up). Black and brown plates are more likely to quit and be bad at the game. At the same time, plate tiers don’t automatically mean a player is good or bad, given that good or decent players may quit for whatever reason (which can mess up rank). You could also argue that gold or purple plates are just more patient – meaning they keep backing out of the locker room until they find higher ranked performers, which naturally boosts their winning percentage via favorable matchups or other teammates carrying them.

Plates & Matchmaking Issues

With plates being displayed prominently on each MyPLAYER’s display card, this has led to continued issues with matchmaking (notably in REC) by players gaming the system. With higher ranked plates having the tendency to backout if they see black/brown plates in the locker room, this loophole leads to games taking longer than needed to begin, as well as lopsided matchups.


At the end of the day, much of your experience with the game is going to be a battle between your own level of patience – for how long you’re willing to wait to start a game (by backing out for the “right” teammates) versus your level of patience for dealing with bad players / randoms. High or low plates is just one metric to reflect that. It’s once again on 2K to figure out the best matchmaking system (we’ll probably have to wait for NBA 2K25 for that) so that the game is a fun experience for casuals and MVP’s alike.

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