NBA 2K24 MyTEAM Tips: How to get Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM boasts game modes with many different rewards. New to 2K24 is a completion reward for all these modes. The modes include Clutch Time Offline, Clutch Time Online, Triple Threat Offline, Triple Threat Online, Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, and Unlimited.

Usually, gamers are left without reward for completing all the modes. Now, in 2K24 Season 3, you get a grand prize of Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett for completing all the rewards.

How to get Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM

Here is a list of every card you need, and how to get them. You also need three Token Market players and the Level 40 Pink Diamond Jimmy Butler to complete this collection. You do not need the Salary Cap Amethyst Austin Carr for completion.

  • Amethyst Otis Thorpe, 50 wins in Clutch Time Offline
  • Amethyst David west, 100 wins in Triple Threat Offline
  • Amethyst Ron Harper, 50 wins in Clutch Time Online
  • Amethyst Artis Gilmore, 50 wins in Triple Threat Online
  • Amethyst Doug Christie, 5,000 Unlimited Points
  • Amethyst Jason Terry, Triple Threat Online Co-Op
  • Ruby Ivica Zubac, 10 tokens
  • Amethyst Jeff Teague, 20 tokens
  • Diamond Glen Rice, 40 tokens
  • Pink Diamond Jimmy Butler, Level 40