NBA 2K23 Teammate Grade & MyPOINTS: How to Get A+, Full List, Tips, & More

Teammate Grade and MyPOINTS in NBA 2K23 work hand in hand in rewarding a MyPLAYER’s in-game performance. Read on for the full guide!

Teammate Grade Explained

Teammate grades are a feature in NBA 2K that grades the total gameplay performance for any MyPLAYER game, whether in MyCAREER, Pro-Am / Rec, or Park / City. Individual in-game action, positive or negative, contribute to the overall teammate grade.

Teammate Grade Tips

  • Some of the best actions to improve teammate grade include:
    • Alley-Oop Finishes
    • Assists
    • Blocks
    • Steals
  • Avoid
    • Turnovers
  • Run plays like pick and roll to get open or a teammate open
  • Try to ‘stack’ positive plays together (e.g tipped pass + steal + dunk)
  • Scoring alone won’t optimize teammate grade scores, but versatility and making smart basketball plays will be rewarded more and help reach the A+ teammate grade.
  • Increasing the quarter setting (up to 12 minute quarters) allows for more time to get a good teammate grade.

Teammate Grade Actions

(note: work in progress)


  • Made Shot
  • Made Shot (FT)
  • Good Shot Selection
  • Excellent Release
  • Scored Off Assist
  • Draw Foul
  • Free Throw
  • Good Pass
  • Assist
  • Pass Leading to a Score
  • Pass Leading to a Foul
  • Pass To Assist
  • Good Ball Movement
  • Find Open Teammate
  • Good Spacing
  • Fill lane Correctly
  • Good Screen
  • Screen Assist
  • Win Jump Ball
  • Highlight Play: Posterize


  • Call for Pass Ignored
  • Excessive Call for Pass
  • Turnover
  • Bad Shot Selection
  • Hold Ball Too Long
  • Bad Free Throw
  • Shooting Slump


  • Multiple Defensive Stops
  • Steal
  • Block
  • Good Shot Contest
  • Poke Ball Free
  • Good Defensive Possession
  • Tipped Pass
  • Draw a Charge
  • Good Hustle
  • Good Double Team
  • Forced Turnover


  • Leave Assignment (vs CPU)
  • Bad Steal Attempt
  • Bad Block Attempt
  • Bad Transition Defense
  • Defensive Breakdown
  • Dunked On
  • Excessive Violations Committed


  • Rebound
  • Successful Box out
  • Offensive Rebound
  • Defensive Rebound
  • Rebound Your Miss
  • Second Chance Points

MyPOINTS Explained

MyPOINTS in NBA 2K23 are points that you can earn for your MyPLAYER based on how well you perform in a game. Earning enough MyPOINTS goes towards leveling up your MyPLAYER to 99 OVR as well as getting to Level 40 each season to unlock a variety of rewards.


You can do the following NBA 2K23 Quest to get a 5% boost to your MyPOINTS progress:

Coach Wayne Graves wants to talk to you about how you can help progress quicker towards becoming an NBA superstar.


  • 3 – Coach Drills Completed


  • 5% MyPOINTS Accelerator

MyPOINTS Actions Tips & Info

  • To access MyPOINTS, press “View Game Events” after a MyCAREER game, or you can view them after Park, Pro-Am, and Rec games.
  • Modifiers affect the amount of MyPOINTS you can earn. The higher the game difficulty and the better the opponent, the higher the bonus to the MyPOINTS potential.
  • Some MyPOINTS are based off on how efficient the actions were (i.e. high shot percentage)
  • Some of the best actions for the most MyPOINTS include:
    • Alley-Oop Dunks
    • Alley-Oop Asists
    • Attack Assists
    • Pick & Roll Assists
    • Blocks

MyPOINTS Game Difficulty Modifiers

  • Rookie – 30%
  • Semi Pro – 60%
  • Pro – 100%
  • All Star – 120%
  • Superstar – 140%
  • HOF 160%

MyPOINTS Gameplay Actions


  • Contact Layups
  • Poster Dunks
  • Alley-Oop Dunks
  • Acrobatic Layups
  • Regular Dunks
  • Regular Layups
  • Inside Runners & Floaters


  • Free Throws
  • Moving Midrange Shots
  • Standstill Threes


  • Alley-Oop Assists
  • Attack Assists
  • Pick & Roll Assists
  • Bodyup Wins
  • Regular Assists
  • Relay Assists


  • Balls Poked Loose
  • Blocks
  • Rebounds
  • Steals
  • Well-Defended Plays
  • Forced Bodyup Losses


  • Game Won

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