NBA 2K23 Tattoos Database: All Tattoos, VC Price Ranges, How to Edit / Equip, & Tattoo Locations

Here is the full image database of tattoos in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, along with the VC price range for each tattoo category, tattoo locations, and how to equip tattoos.

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Tattoo Shop Locations

The City

  1. Find a subway entrance and fast travel to either West Mall Station or East Mall Station
  2. At West Mall you’ll find the ‘Tattoo Envy’ shop and at East Mall you’ll find ‘The Paint’ tattoo shop.

G.O.A.T. Boat

  1. Find an elevator and select ‘Promenade’
  2. Go to the left and ‘The Paint’ Tattoo Shop will be right there

How to Equip / Edit Tattoos

  1. Press A (X on Playstation) to ‘Add Tattoo’ (one tattoo or multiple tattoos)
  2. Then hit Y / Triangle to ‘Place Tattoos’
  3. Select the Tattoo you want to place and hit A (X on Playstation)
  4. Select the body area to place tattoo. The options are: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, front body, back body, and neck.
  5. Press LB / L1 or RB / R2 to Rotate Player
  6. You can also customize the look of the tattoo and tattoo placement:
    1. Press LS to Move the tattoo
    2. Press RS to Scale the tattoo
    3. Press Y / Triangle to Unlock Ratio
  7. Once satisfied with the customization, press A (X on Playstation) to place the tattoo
  8. Finally, press Y / Triangle to ‘Get Inked’


Sleeves (8000 – 9000 VC)

NBA (750 – 1000 VC)

Animal (500 – 6000 VC)

Letters & Numbers (200 VC)

Premium (500 – 6000 VC)

Miscellaneous (0 – 3000 VC)

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